Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

We gathered our team at Duckett Fishing to put together the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him. From the tried-and-true BD 110 Jerkbait to our newest Rope Hat, we’ve got the perfect options to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember. Check out our guide and find the ideal gift to reel in the love and appreciation for your favorite angler.

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The Duckett Baits 110 Suspending Jerkbait is their latest concept lure that has been brought to market after extensive field-testing done by Duckett Baits’ pro staff. Uniquely designed, the Duckett Baits 110 Suspending Jerkbait is constructed utilizing a stainless steel framework, providing perfect balance and unparalleled swimming action. Equipped with special internal transfer weights – D.L.S. (Dynamic Load System), enhancing the length of each cast. Glass balls are positioned in specially designed compartments near the bait’s anterior, emitting an uncanny sound that will be sure to gain any fish’s attention. Available in a variety of colors, the Duckett Baits 110 Suspending Jerkbait delivers a slim profile that’s proven to attract fish all over the world.

Duckett BaitsLengthWeightDepth
110 Suspending Jerkbait4-1/2″5/16oz1-4ft

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Keep your fishing rods in top-notch condition with this innovative protective sleeve. Designed for avid anglers, this rod glove is crafted with premium materials to shield your valuable fishing rods from scratches, dings, and tangles. Its sleek and durable design ensures a snug fit, offering ultimate protection during storage or transport.




The Duckett Fishing Richardson Rope Hat features a raised Duckett Fishing logo. Its structured design and adjustable snapback closure ensure a comfortable fit for your fishing adventures. Get your Duckett Fishing Richardson Rope Hat today to display your angling passion.

Elevate your fishing experience with Duckett Fishing Sunglasses featuring TR90 frames—the lightest, most comfortable material available. Enjoy a personalized fit with adjustable nose pads, ensuring maximum comfort during long days on the water.

Crafted for durability, the polarized polycarbonate lenses provide impact resistance, delivering distortion-free, prism-compensated optical quality. The super scratch-resistant coating ensures clear vision, while the encapsulated polarized film offers lasting durability.

With 99% polarization, these sunglasses reduce glare for enhanced clarity, filtering harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC wavelengths. Each pair comes complete with a microfiber pouch, Duckett Fishing logo’d croakie, and a hard case protector.

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Precisely tuned to deliver a deadly action, the Duckett Sneaky Frog takes frog fishing to a whole new level. It is equipped with an internal hidden weight system and an elongated body shape that makes it sit perfectly horizontal on the surface and allows anglers to create an effortless walk the dog action thanks to its streamlined design. It also features a fine-cut single silicone tail that helps deliver additional subtle attraction and aid in the walking action.

Built from ultra soft plastic that instantly collapses when a fish strikes for a superb hook up ratio, its soft plastic construction is still strong enough to withstand fishing through the thickest cover for the most aggressive fish. Available in a range of colors with highly detailed patterns, the Duckett Bait Sneaky Frog EVO Topwater Frog sets a new standard for frog fishing.

Duckett BaitsLengthWeightClass
Sneaky Frog3.5″7/8ozTopwater

Designed to expertly mimic a variety of shad and other baitfish that populate a majority of fisheries across the United States, the Duckett Baits Shad Swimbaits are a triple-jointed swimbait with highly detailed features which enhance their big fish-drawing capabilities. They sink horizontally, just like a real baitfish descending in the water column, for a very realistic presentation that big bass can’t help but strike. The Duckett Baits Shad Swimbaits will also randomly dart to the left or the right with short twitches and jerks on the retrieve, often generating the bone-jarring strikes swimbait enthusiasts dream of. Deadly on a straight retrieve as well, the Duckett Baits Shad Swimbaits also come equipped with super sharp hooks to seal the deal on every strike. Available in a range of beautiful colors and finishes, the Duckett Baits Shad Swimbaits are a great addition to any angler’s swimbait arsenal.

Introducing the BD Subtle Tail series – a revolutionary line of swimbaits designed to elevate your finesse fishing experience. Available in three versatile sizes – 3″, 3.8″, and 4.5″, these swimbaits feature a lifelike profile and a subtle tail action that mimics the movements of natural prey. Whether you’re targeting pressured bass in clear water or enticing big bites in murky conditions, the BD Subtle Tail series delivers unmatched finesse performance. Rig it on a drop shot, finesse jig, or an underspin for optimal results. Elevate your finesse game with the precision and effectiveness of the BD Subtle Tail series.




Embrace comfort and style with Duckett Fishing’s Micro-Fiber Performance Long Sleeve T-Shirt. Crafted for anglers, this shirt features our iconic logo, providing a lightweight and moisture-wicking solution for all your fishing endeavors. Stay cool, dry, and ready for action with Duckett Fishing.

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