Designed by Bass Master Classic Champion Boyd Duckett, the Boyd Duckett Baits BD Topwater Poppers deliver a perfectly balanced surface disturbance that both intrigues and infuriates bass to attack. From the moment it hits the water, the Boyd Duckett Baits BD Topwater Poppers grab the attention of fish with splashing and chugging attraction enhanced by an innovative internal double shot rattle. Finished with a feathered rear-treble, the Boyd Duckett Baits BD Topwater Poppers create substantial surface disturbance and are tournament-tuned for maximum enticement.

Duckett BaitsLengthWeightClass
BD Popper 602.25″1/2ozTopwater
BD Popper 803.25″3/4ozTopwater

The BD 95 Super Sound is a “walk the dog” bait designed to simulate the most lethargic predators. The tapered shape of the body allows long and precise casts as well as making it very easy to animate with the classic WTD retrieval. The metal balls inside the special resin body of the bait create an exclusive “sound” of great impact. This bait is armed with three strong treble hooks and the colors are made with UV coating finish.

Providing a distinct and highly enticing acoustic footprint, the BD 110 Supersound delivers a pronounced walking action that prompts hungry predators into striking. Molded with a unique, tapered body shape, which allows for long casts and effortless manipulation, the BD 110 Supersound reacts to each twitch of the rod tip to deliver a careful walking action.

Made with a special resin construction, the BD 110 Supersound features a unique internal metal rattle that produces a pronounced rattling noise that calls fish in from a long distance. Lethal any time bass are targeting baitfish near the surface, the BD 110 Supersound shines around high percentage targets, like docks, laydowns, shoreline, riprap, and grass lines.

 110 B Supersound Topwater Walkers4-1/4″3/4oz

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