Back to Schools

As August rolls in and the summer sun continues to blaze, anglers eagerly anticipate one of the most thrilling fishing phenomena of the year – late summer schooling bass. Just like kids heading back to schools for a new academic year, bass form massive schools during this time, congregating in search of baitfish and creating some of the best fishing of the year. If you wanna get in on the action, you need to have the right arsenal in your tackle box. Lucky for you, I’ve got three topwater baits from Duckett Fishing that’ll have those bass begging for more – the BD Popper, BD Super Sound, and BD Sneaky Frog.

1. BD Popper – The BD Popper is a real game-changer. When those bass are busting the surface, going after baitfish, this bad boy comes into play. With its cupped mouth, it creates some serious popping sounds, just like those baitfish are panicking up top. It’s like ringing the dinner bell for bass. They can’t resist it.

2. BD Super Sound – Now, when the schooling bass get a bit cautious, I switch to the BD Super Sound. This topwater walking bait is all about finesse. Give it a twitch, and it darts from side to side, imitating an injured baitfish. That’s the trick to fool even the smartest bass into striking. It’s like whispering sweet nothings to ’em, and they can’t resist.

3. BD Sneaky Frog – As the sun sets and the bass get crafty, the BD Sneaky Frog is my go-to bait. It glides over lily pads and weed mats like it’s the bass’s best-kept secret. They see it, but they can’t help but take a bite. Get ready for some heart-stopping strikes with this killer frog.

As we head “Back to Schools,” both in the waters and the classrooms, remember that late summer bass fishing is an adrenaline pumping frenzy. These bass are chowing down before the cooler fall weather hits, so take advantage of the fun while it’s here.

So, load up your tackle box with the Duckett Fishing BD Popper, BD Super Sound, and BD Sneaky Frog. These top-tier topwater baits will take your late summer bass game to a whole new level. Get ready for some heart-pounding action and epic battles with these fierce predators. As the season changes, make the most of this action-packed time and create memories that’ll last a lifetime. It’s time to hit the water and show those bass who’s boss.

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