Introducing the BD Subtle Tail series – a revolutionary line of swimbaits designed to elevate your finesse fishing experience. Available in three versatile sizes – 3″, 3.8″, and 4.5″, these swimbaits feature a lifelike profile and a subtle tail action that mimics the movements of natural prey. Whether you’re targeting pressured bass in clear water or enticing big bites in murky conditions, the BD Subtle Tail series delivers unmatched finesse performance. Rig it on a drop shot, finesse jig, or an underspin for optimal results. Elevate your finesse game with the precision and effectiveness of the BD Subtle Tail series.


Perfect for mimicking smaller forage, the Duckett Baits RT Shad Paddletail Swimbaits are a highly realistic swimbait that will make an appealing appetizer for any fish in the lake. Built with a hydrodynamic profile and a big paddle tail, it produces a very realistic swimming action and a subtle side-to-side body roll during a steady retrieve. The RT Shad is a great option for a small jig head, umbrella rigs, and even drop shots for when the bite gets really tough.

Made from a soft high-density blend of plastic that allows the RT Shad to produce ultra lifelike action at any retrieve speed, its advanced construction also allows it to withstand multiple aggressive fish strikes as well. Available in a range of baitfish forage colors that will allow you to match the hatch on any body of water, the RT Shad will quickly become a staple in your tackle box.


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Mimicking all of the appetizing movements of shad or baitfish, the Duckett Baits BD Swims Hollow Body Swimbaits represent state-of-the-art engineering and a lifelike design that big bass simply cannot ignore. Molded with a hollow body, the Duckett Baits BD Hollow Body Swimbaits feature a hard-pounding paddle tail that moves the whole body section to create a subtle, yet enticing belly roll.

Sold in a protective blister packaging, the Duckett Baits BD Swims Hollow Body Swimbaits work well with a myriad of different rigging options, from internal weights, to jigheads, and EWG swimbait hooks. Complete with 3-D eyes and an ultrarealistic pad printed finish, the Duckett Baits BD Swims Hollow Body Swimbaits are made with extreme anatomical accuracy that will fool even the most discerning predators.

Actual Length3.5″4.5″5″6.5″
Recommended Hook Size3/04/05/06/0