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Perfect for mimicking smaller forage, the Duckett Baits RT Shad Paddletail Swimbaits are a highly realistic swimbait that will make an appealing appetizer for any fish in the lake. Built with a hydrodynamic profile and a big paddle tail, it produces a very realistic swimming action and a subtle side-to-side body roll during a steady retrieve. The Duckett Baits RT Shad Paddletail Swimbaits is a great option for a small jig head, umbrella rigs, and even drop shots for when the bite gets really tough.

Made from a soft high-density blend of plastic that allows the Duckett Baits RT Shad Paddletail Swimbaits to produce ultra lifelike action at any retrieve speed, its advanced construction also allows it to withstand multiple aggressive fish strikes as well. Available in a range of baitfish forage colors that will allow you to match the hatch on any body of water, the Duckett Baits RT Shad Paddletail Swimbaits will quickly become a staple in your tackle box.


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3.5", 4.5"


Gizzard Shad, Olive, Pearl Shad, Tennessee Shad Special


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