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The Reveal Jerkbait is the ultimate jerkbait designed specifically for use with forward-facing sonar technology. This is a fast sinking jerkbait, perfectly designed to fall with a side-to-side rocking or “shimmy” motion. Its WideBeam bill design allows this jerkbait to retain the same jerkbait action you’re used to, even in deep water. Crafted with top-quality materials, this versatile lure can be used in a variety of situations, making it an effective tool for catching a wide variety of species. With the Reveal Jerkbait in your tackle box, you can be confident that you’ll be able to locate and catch even the most elusive fish, at depths where a jerkbait has never been thrown before. Upgrade your forward facing sonar arsenal and add the Reveal Jerkbait to your collection today.

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American Shad, Chrome Shad, Green Gizzard Shad, Grey Albino, Lavender Shad, Pro Blue


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