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When customers expressed a need for a casting series with conventional guides, Duckett responded to that call to action with the Duckett Incite Series Casting Rods. Built upon premium Sensi-Touch blanks, the Duckett Incite Series Casting Rods have been meticulously balanced to help maximize performance and reduce fatigue. Keeping unnecessary weight to a minimum, the Duckett Incite Series Casting Rods are manufactured using a carbon fiber scrim and halo sanded for increased sensitivity and responsiveness.

From butt to tip top, the Duckett Incite Series Casting Rods utilize premium components, like a conventional guide train with proprietary Kigan Artus guides and hyper-lite braid proof inserts. Complete with a high-impact EVA butt for added durability, the Duckett Incite Series Casting Rods are a must-have for anglers who love conventional guides and Duckett’s outstanding performance.


-Carbon fiber scrim
-Sensi-Touch blanks
-Superb balance
-Proprietary Kigan Artus ring lock guides
-Hyper-Lite braid proof inserts
-Conventional guide train
-High impact EVA butt for added durability
-Proprietary designed true split reel seat

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7'0" MED, 7'0" MED Crankin', 7'0" MHVY, 7'3" MHVY, 7'6" HVY, 7'6" MHVY, 7'6" MHVY Crankin', 7'6" XHVY


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