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Introducing the BD Subtle Tail series – a revolutionary line of swimbaits designed to elevate your finesse fishing experience. Available in three versatile sizes – 3″, 3.8″, and 4.5″, these swimbaits feature a lifelike profile and a subtle tail action that mimics the movements of natural prey. Whether you’re targeting pressured bass in clear water or enticing big bites in murky conditions, the BD Subtle Tail series delivers unmatched finesse performance. Rig it on a drop shot, finesse jig, or an underspin for optimal results. Elevate your finesse game with the precision and effectiveness of the BD Subtle Tail series.

The NEW BD Subtle Tail in a compact 3″ version – a game-changer for finesse fishing. Designed for versatility, this bait combines a lifelike profile with a subtle tail action, making it irresistible to finicky bass. Whether on a drop shot or finesse rig, the BD Subtle Tail 3″ delivers unmatched finesse performance, enticing bites in any condition. Upgrade your finesse game with the precision and effectiveness of the BD Subtle Tail 3″

Length Quantity
3″ 6
3.8″ 6
4.5″ 4

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Chartreuse Blue Back, Gizzard Shad, Pearl Shad, Sexy Herring, Tennessee Shad Special, White Shad, Electric Shad, Pearl White Shad


3.8", 4.5", 3"

4 reviews for BD Subtle Tail

  1. Andy Greene

    This is hands-down my favorite swimbait on the market. I’ve caught hundreds of smallmouth on this swimbait throwing it on a 1/4 oz jig head, but it will crush largemouth and spotted bass, too. It also works great as a trailer on a vibrating jig or spinnerbait. The bait is subtle, hence the name, yet super enticing to all bass. My boat is full of these swimbaits. I’m a believer!

  2. Baylor Howell (verified owner)

    The subtle tail swimbait simply catches fish. I personally love the action of this bait. The tight wobble of the tail allows you to reel it slow or fast.

  3. Alex Patrick

    This swim bait has great action. My favorite retrieve is slow-rolling along the bottom. They also work well in current. I’ve caught countless smallmouth on these!

  4. Hfillmore20

    This bait is a fish-catching machine! The 3″ subtle tail is great to put on an Alabama rig or you can go to a bigger size and put it on a ball head jig which is great for catching suspended bass all year long. The tail has a much tighter womble than most other brands out there and looks much more realistic. My favorite is the Gizzard shad color!

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