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The compact size of the Waterslash is a perfect combination between design and functionality. This form is slightly compressed on the head and studied to give better balance at any speed and retrieve. The blade weight is specifically set to not overload the spinnerbait and to begin moving immediately after each cast. The Waterslash is made with a special steel blend that increase vibrations on the arm following the requirements used for the most famous “finesse” spinnerbaits. The high resistance of this wire makes it perfect for use especially in heavy cover. The skirt is made with hand tied “fine cut” silicon.


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Blade Style

Double Colorado, Double Willow


Bait Fish, Bogulo Dace, Mouse, Purple Sinsay, Special White, White Chartreuse


1/2oz, 3/8oz

5 reviews for Waterslash Spinnerbait

  1. Andy Greene

    If you fish spotted bass lakes, the Waterslash Spinnerbait is the juice! It’s compact yet throws really well. It perfectly imitates a school of threadfin and the bass – especially the spotted bass – completely destroy it. I’ve got this bait tied on year-round!

  2. Angie Copas

    AWESOME small profile, spinner bait! I used it in early May in Florida throwing it in brackish water and it withstood the battle of multiple bass without breaking. It held up great and the bass loved it! I got back to Ohio and bought 2 more!

  3. Parker Mott

    I’m a big spinnerbait fisherman. Probably my favorite lure to throw and I’m super picky about my baits and blades. With that being said, this is hands down my new favorite spinnerbait!! I’m also from Florida and it is tough. Will hold up to grass, weeds, trash fish, and big bass!!

  4. Alex Patrick

    These are quality spinnerbaits. The blades turn easily and it comes through just about anything.
    I really like how compact the profile is.

  5. Hfillmore20

    This is a great spinner bait! The wire is thin enough to give off great vibration but tough enough to pull the fish out of the thick stuff! My favorite is the double Colorado blade in 3/8th ounce. I use this on every lake I go to when the water has some stain to it.

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