Sway Minnow


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The Sway Minnow features our new Soratobu Wing Technology, which imparts a lifelike rocking and swaying motion, almost as if it’s flying through the water. This unique action, combined with the bait’s ability to hover in the water column, tempts bass with an easy meal, keeping the bait in the target zone longer and making it irresistible even to lethargic fish. Designed to mimic an injured minnow, the Sway Minnow’s realistic fins and scale pattern offer a detailed visual that bass key in on, especially when the bait hovers in the strikezone. Available in four lifelike colors and measuring 4.75 inches, this versatile bait is perfect for any season and pairs seamlessly with a wide range of jighead sizes. Whether you’re targeting single fish or roving schools, the Sway Minnow’s quivering action will provoke strikes when other lures come up empty. This Minnow is designed to elevate your Forward Facing Sonar techniques, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just learning the technique.


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