MLF Bass Pro Tour Roster 2024

Duckett Fishing announces its powerhouse lineup for the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour 2024 season. This roster features seasoned veterans and rising stars ready to continue elevating their careers as professional anglers. Join us as we take a closer look at each angler and the rods they trust to dominate the competition.


Boyd Duckett: The visionary behind Duckett Fishing, Boyd Duckett, brings decades of expertise to the MLF Bass Pro Tour. , Boyd’s strategic approach to fishing has made him a respected figure in the angling community. His weapon of choice includes the Duckett Fishing Black Ice 6’8″ Medium casting rod, Black Ice 7’2″ medium casting rod, and the Micro Magic Pro 7’6″ Medium Heavy crankin’ rod.

Career winnings: $1,924,319

Kelly Jordon: Hailing from Texas, Kelly Jordon is a force to be reckoned with on the Bass Pro Tour. With years of experience under his belt, Jordon has become a household name in professional fishing. Kelly’s weapon of choice includes the Duckett Fishing Pro Series 6’8″ Medium casting, 7’0″ Medium Heavy casting, and 7’0″ Heavy casting rods.

Career winnings: $2,088,828

Gary Klein: A true legend in the bass fishing world, Gary Klein brings his expertise to the MLF Bass Pro Tour. With a career spanning decades, Klein has consistently demonstrated his prowess on the water. Hailing from Texas, this seasoned angler is known for his strategic approach. Gary’s go-to rods include the Duckett Fishing Pro Series 7’1″ Medium casting, 8’0″ Extra Heavy casting, and 7’1″ Medium spinning rods.

Career winnings: $3,514,409

Britt Myers: Coming from the Carolinas, Britt Myers adds a touch of southern flair to the Duckett Fishing roster. With an impressive track record in professional bass fishing, Myers is set to make waves in the MLF Bass Pro Tour. His favorites in the lineup include the Duckett Fishing Pro Series 7’1″ Medium Heavy casting and 7’6″ Heavy casting rods.

Career winnings: $853,500

Jacob Wall: A rising star in the angling scene, Jacob Wall brings youthful energy and a competitive edge to the Bass Pro Tour. Hailing from Oregon, Wall is making his mark with a focus on finesse and power fishing. His favorite rods include Duckett Fishing Pro Series 7’3″ Medium Heavy casting, 7’4″ Heavy casting, and 7’4″ Medium Crankin’ rods.

Career winnings: $305,306

Jacob Wheeler: The two-time angler of the year and a consistent top-competitor on the MLF Bass Pro Tour, Jacob Wheeler is a name synonymous with success. Rooted in Tennessee, Wheeler has dominated the competitive scene throughout his career. Some of Jacob’s favorite rods include the Wheeler Select 7’4″ Medium casting and the Wheeler Signature Series 7’1″ Medium spinning rods, both rods Jacob has collaboratively design with Duckett Fishing.

Career winnings: $3,372,974

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