BaitsMastering Pre-Spawn: Tips, Tricks, and Top Gear for Success

As the winter chill gradually gives way to spring, bass anglers eagerly anticipate the pre-spawn period – a time when bass begin their migration from deep waters to shallow flats, signaling the onset of the pre-spawn phase. To make the most of this exciting change in pattern, it’s crucial to be well-prepared with the right techniques and gear. Let’s take a dive into pre-spawn prep, featuring two of our top-performing spinnerbaits – the Waterslash Spinnerbait and the new BD Spinnerbait.

Understanding the Pre-Spawn Phase

The pre-spawn phase is a transitional period where bass actively feed and move towards shallower areas close to their eventual spawning grounds. Understanding the behaviors and preferences of bass during this time is crucial to catching size and numbers in the tournament season for anglers.

Waterslash Spinnerbait – A Pre-Spawn Powerhouse

Our Waterslash Spinnerbait is a proven performer during the pre-spawn. With its enticing blade action and realistic skirt in a compact size, it perfectly mimics the baitfish bass target during this season. Incorporate it into your pre-spawn setup for explosive strikes and consistent success.

Introducing the BD Spinnerbait

Excitement builds as we introduce our latest innovation – the BD Spinnerbait. Designed with fine-cut silicon for a real life-like action, a soldiered eye to eliminate blade loss, and tournament grade split rings and swivels, this spinnerbait promises to be a game-changer during the pre-spawn. Stay ahead of the curve and explore the advantages it brings to your angling experience.

Tips and Tricks for Pre-Spawn Success

  • Target Shallow Structures: Identify key shallow structures such as points, flats, and pockets where bass gather during the pre-spawn.
  • Adjust Retrieval Speed: Experiment with retrieval speeds to find the sweet spot that triggers strikes from actively feeding bass.
  • Focus on Water Temperature: Monitor water temperature as it plays a crucial role in determining bass activity levels. Target areas with temperatures ranging from the mid-50s to mid-60s Fahrenheit.
  • Mimic Baitfish Movements: Both the Waterslash and BD Spinnerbaits excel at imitating the erratic movements of baitfish. Vary your retrieve to imitate injured or fleeing prey.

Rod Recommendations for Spinnerbait Success Pairing your spinnerbait with the right rod enhances your ability to feel subtle bites and make accurate casts. Consider the following recommendations from our pro staff:

  • Flipping and Pitching Technique: Zeus Series 7’3” Heavy Casting
  • Finesse Fishing Technique: Jacob Wheeler Signature Series 7’0” Med Spinning
  • Power Techniques: Jacob Wheeler Select 7’4” Med/Hvy
  • Topwater Techniques: Torch 7’0” Med/Hvy | Pro Series 7’4” Hvy

Gear up for pre-spawn success by incorporating the Waterslash and BD Spinnerbaits into your arsenal. These versatile lures, coupled with the right rod selections, will give you a competitive edge during this exciting change in pattern. Embrace the challenge, adapt to changing conditions, and make every cast count. Good luck!

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