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As the MLF Bass Pro Tour 2024 looms just 5 days away, anticipation is rippling throughout MLF fans. Anglers are doing final preparations for the season, prepping for the unique challenges Toledo Bend presents in February. This year, the format change to “every fish counts” adds a new layer of excitement, transforming every cast into a potential game-changer. And we can’t wait for the action to get started.

Boyd Duckett: Boyd Duckett, a true icon in the fishing world, emphasizes the importance of precision in his tournament prep. With four career wins and winnings nearing $2 million, his experience speaks volumes. Boyd focuses on refining his gear, ensuring that every rod, reel, and lure is tournament ready.

Career winnings: $1,924,319

Kelly Jordon: With six career wins and over $2 million in winnings, Kelly Jordon understands the mental aspect of tournament fishing. “It’s a chess match on the water,” says Kelly. He spends these final days visualizing different scenarios, honing his mental strategies to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Career winnings: $2,088,828

Gary Klein: As a seasoned angler with 10 career wins and winnings exceeding $3.5 million, Gary Klein knows the importance of adaptability. “Conditions change, and you have to be ready,” Gary emphasizes. He dedicates these final days to studying weather patterns and fine-tuning his tackle for a variety of scenarios.

Career winnings: $3,514,409

Britt Myers: Britt Myers, a Redcrest qualifier with two career wins, focuses on the unique challenges of the tournament. “Redcrest brings its own set of challenges,” says Britt. With winnings surpassing $800,000, Britt refines his strategies, paying particular attention to the fisheries he’ll encounter during the tournament.

Career winnings: $853,500

Jacob Wall: Jacob Wall, a rising star with one career win and an impressive $300,000 in winnings, approaches the tournament with a hunger for success. “Every tournament is a chance to prove yourself,” says Jacob. He uses these final days dialing in on his gameplan with his new Duckett Fishing rods and baits rigged and ready to go.

Career winnings: $305,306

Jacob Wheeler: With ten career wins, over $3 million in winnings, two AOY trophies and four Redcrest appearances, Jacob Wheeler embodies the champion’s mindset. “I’m here to win,” Jacob declares. He spends these last days refining his techniques, ensuring that his gear is finely tuned for the challenges that lie ahead. Jacob is most excited to use his new Jacob Wheeler Select rod series in the 2024 season, a step up from his Signature Series he has been using for the last five years.

Career winnings: $3,372,974

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