Fishing Techniques Spotlight: Jacob Wheeler’s Expertise

As we roll into late winter and the early spring season, the world of bass fishing is itching to get back into full swing. We’re breaking down the most popular and effective techniques with tips and tricks from the world’s best, Jacob Wheeler. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting, there may be something for you to learn.

Technique 1: Flipping and Pitching: “When it comes to getting into the thick of cover, flipping and pitching are my go-to techniques. It’s about precision and getting that bait where others can’t reach, which means that rod and reel selection are important,” shares Jacob Wheeler.

Tips for Flipping and Pitching:

  • Gear Selection: Choose a heavy-action rod and high gear ratio reel for the power needed in these techniques.
  • Precision Casting: Practice accuracy in casting to place your bait precisely where the bass are hiding. This is especially important when using forward facing sonar technology.
  • Bait Choices: Select lures that mimic the local forage and can penetrate dense cover effectively. I have my personal favorites, but I’ll change color depending on the fishery.
  • Recommended Rod: 7’6″ Heavy/XHeavy Casting

Technique 2: Finesse Fishing: “Sometimes, finesse is the name of the game. Light line, subtle presentations – it’s about fooling those finicky bass,” reveals Wheeler.

Finesse Fishing Tips:

  • Light Lines: Opt for lighter lines to minimize visibility and present a more natural-looking bait.
  • Small Baits: Use smaller lures to imitate natural prey, especially when the fish are more selective.
  • Patience is Key: Slow down your presentation and be patient, allowing the finesse technique to work its magic.
  • Recommended Rod: 7′ Medium/MedLight Spinning

Technique 3: Power Techniques: “When it’s time to power through heavy cover or trigger a reaction, power techniques come into play. It’s about making a statement,” says Jacob Wheeler.

Power Techniques Tips:

  • Choose the Right Rod: A heavy-power rod is essential for handling larger baits and power moves.
  • Lure Selection: Big, noisy, and aggressive lures can trigger reaction strikes from bass.
  • Cover Water Efficiently: Power techniques often involve covering a lot of water, so move with purpose and efficiency.
  • Recommended Rod: 7’6″ Heavy Casting

Technique 4: Topwater Techniques: “Topwater strikes are a rush like no other. There’s something about seeing a bass explode on the surface that gets the heart pounding,” shares Wheeler.

Topwater Techniques Tips:

  • Early and Late: Topwater lures are often most effective during low-light conditions, such as early morning or late evening.
  • Cadence Matters: Experiment with the speed and rhythm of your retrieve to find what triggers strikes.
  • Weather Considerations: Topwater can be especially effective on overcast days or when there’s a bit of chop on the water.
  • Recommended Rod: 7’2″ Medium Heavy Casting

Adapting to Changing Conditions: “The key to consistent success is adaptability. Conditions change, and you’ve got to be ready to switch up your game plan,” advises Jacob Wheeler.

Adaptability Tips:

  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on weather patterns, water conditions, and seasonal changes.
  • Versatile Tackle: Carry a variety of baits and tackle to adapt to different scenarios quickly.
  • Observation: Pay attention to fish behavior and adjust your strategy based on their response.

Picture yourself on the midst of a tournament, finesse fishing like a pro in your secret spot, powering through dense cover, or witnessing explosive topwater strikes, all with Jacob Wheeler’s seasoned advice in your arsenal. Take note of any new ideas or tips gained in this blog, adapt it to your knowledge and specialties, and make a dent in your career as an angler. Good luck in 2024!


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