Tournament-ready baits designed for forward facing sonar.

Reveal Jerkbait

The Reveal Jerkbait is the ultimate fishing lure designed specifically for use with forward-facing sonar technology. Its WideBeam bill design and sinking action make it irresistible to fish of all kinds. Crafted with top-quality materials, this versatile lure can be used in a variety of fishing situations, making it an effective tool for catching a wide variety of species. With the Reveal Jerkbait in your tackle box, you can be confident that you’ll be able to locate and catch even the most elusive fish. Upgrade your fishing game and add the Reveal Jerkbait to your collection today.

Subtle Tail 3"

The NEW BD Subtle Tail in a compact 3″ version – a game-changer for finesse fishing. Designed for versatility, this bait combines a lifelike profile with a subtle tail action, making it irresistible to finicky bass. Whether on a drop shot or finesse rig, the BD Subtle Tail 3″ delivers unmatched finesse performance, enticing bites in any condition. Upgrade your finesse game with the precision and effectiveness of the BD Subtle Tail 3

BD Blade

The BD Blade by Duckett Fishing sets a new standard for blade baits with its impeccable construction and innovative design. Notably, it boasts an oversized body, further enhancing its allure and effectiveness. With captivating color patterns and an aggressive shape, the BD Blade shines brilliantly even in dark or dingy water conditions. Whether cast and retrieved or jigged vertically, this blade bait delivers a mesmerizing, continuous wobble that entices predatory fish. Its performance is further elevated by the inclusion of tournament-grade Kitana Hooks and durable split rings. Prepare to unleash the power of the BD Blade and elevate your angling experience to new heights.