Casting Thanks: The Duckett Fishing Family

In the spirit of gratitude, Duckett Fishing takes a moment to spotlight some outstanding individuals who contribute to our team’s success. Each member brings a unique perspective for fishing, and we’re thankful for their hard work and dedication to our company. Let’s dive into the stories of these exceptional team players, highlighting their dedication and love for the sport.

Andy – Warehouse Manager: Retired from a distinguished career in law enforcement, Andy’s commitment to excellence and discipline radiate through his role as our Warehouse Manager. A seasoned angler, Andy’s weekends on the water provide valuable insights, ensuring Duckett Fishing delivers excellence with every product.

Joe – Warehouse Associate: An avid kayak angler who competes in the KBF and a true fishing enthusiast, Joe brings an infectious passion for the sport to our team. His dedication to the craft is not just limited to work but extends to his weekends spent on the water, competing and honing his skills.

Chris – General Manager: Boasting over 30 years of industry experience, Chris is the stalwart force propelling Duckett Fishing forward as our General Manager. His profound understanding of both freshwater and saltwater fishing crafts the strategic vision that defines Duckett Fishing.

Shelby – Office Manager: Juggling the responsibilities of Office Manager, Shelby is not only an organizational master but also a passionate advocate for animal rescue. Her commitment extends beyond our office walls, embodying Duckett Fishing’s values of compassion and responsibility.

Jerryn – Team Lead: An avid fly fisherman and a super dad, Jerryn epitomizes dedication and leadership within our team. His positive energy creates a collaborative atmosphere, fostering innovation and camaraderie among the Duckett Fishing family.

Sean – Co-Founder and Head of Product Development: Beyond his role as Co-Founder and Head of Product Development, Sean’s eclectic pursuits include being the lead singer of a punk rock band and a passionate skateboarder. Sean infuses creativity and passion into every product, reflecting Duckett Fishing’s commitment to pushing boundaries.

Brad – National Sales Manager: A Bethel University bass team alumnus, Brad brings over a decade of competitive angling experience to his role as our National Sales Manager. His unique insights from the tournament scene shape our sales strategies, ensuring they resonate with anglers worldwide.

Jamie – Warehouse Associate: Recently retired as Chief of Police with 29 years in law enforcement, Jamie is not just a warehouse associate but also an avid tournament angler, participating in the Alabama Bass Trail (ABT). His wealth of experience enriches our team, aligning perfectly with Duckett Fishing’s ethos of excellence and passion.

Tyler – Marketing Manager: Avid outdoorsman who grew up around marketing with a father who started a marketing agency while he was in high-school. He’s been working with industry-leading brands for over 8 years and enjoys graphic design and video editing.

As we express our gratitude for these remarkable team members, we invite you to join us in celebrating their diverse contributions to Duckett Fishing. Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs where we extend our appreciation to our dedicated pro staff and, of course, the loyal fans who make Duckett Fishing a community of anglers like no other.

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