Pro Spotlight: Jacob Wheeler & Tyler Williams Rod Setups

In Tournament Bass Fishing’s two most competitive tours, the MLF Bass Pro Tour and Bassmaster Elite Series, having the right rod setup can make all the difference. This week, as Tyler Williams tackles the Bassmaster Elite on Harris Chain and Jacob Wheeler competes in the Bass Pro Tour on Dale Hollow, let’s take a closer look at their chosen rod setups and what makes them the go-to choices for these tournaments.

Tyler Williams’ Rod Setups:

  1. Jacob Wheeler Select 7’7″ Heavy Casting:
    • Tyler’s New Favorite: “I love the Wheeler 7’7″ heavy; it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite rods. It has a nice load-up and feels really good to fish.”
  2. Black Ice 7’6″ Heavy Casting:
    • Tyler’s Go-To Rod: “The Black Ice is probably my all-time favorite Duckett rod. It’s just so light, and I can fish with it all day, boat flipping everything.”

Jacob Wheeler’s Rod Setups:

  1. Wheeler Signature Series 7’0″ Medium Spinning:
    • Jacob’s Choice: “The shake n bake technique is what I’m rolling with again at Dale Hollow. The 7’0″ medium Signature Series rod has a slightly faster tip than my Select.”
  2. Wheeler Select 7’1″ Medium Spinning:
    • Versatile Option: “Both will be used for different weights and different conditions. The Select offers me the flexibility I need to adapt to changing situations on the water.”

With these carefully selected rod setups, Tyler Williams and Jacob Wheeler are ready to take on the next big event in their pro tours. Each rod offers unique advantages tailored to the specific techniques and conditions they’ll encounter on the water. Stay tuned to see how these setups help propel them to success in their competitions!

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