Duckett Fishing > 6' 6" Medium Heavy Action

6' 6" Medium Heavy Action

6' 6" Medium Heavy Action
Boyd's Suggested Uses
1/4 oz shakey head, 3/8 oz drop shot, 1/4 oz texas rig worm
Price: $159.00
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  • Author: eliteladymarshall
    I love this rod. I don't know what is, but since purchasing and using this rod in tournaments and pleasure fishing, I am catching more quality fish on this rod than any of the others in the locker. It cast like a dream, love the feel and the hooks sets are solid. I had concern about the micro guides before purchasing, but I swear, its the smoothest casting rod in the boat. Right lure, wrong lure, right plastic, wrong plastic...if something bites on this rod, its in the boat. As I replace rods, the Duckett line is my first choice in the future.
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  • Author: SFSD
  • Author: khairy
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