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7' 3" Medium Heavy Action

7' 3" Medium Heavy Action
Boyd's Suggested Uses
1/2- 3/4 oz open water jig, carolina rig, 3/4 oz spinnerbait, mid-size swim baits
Price: $169.00
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  • Author: Nick Greene
    I bought this rod at the classic and only used it a few times and love it so far. I have been using it for 1/2 oz. jigs and texas rigs on gravel and mud banks. It has a real sensitive tip and plenty of backbone. I plan on using it later in the year for deep football heads and texas rigs. It is defenitely worth the money and i would recommend it to anyone. I cannot get over how light it is. Every 7 foot plus rod i've had in this action has weighed more and doesn't have nearly the sensitivity.
  • Author: Brandon Franklin
    I orderj the rod last week and received it two days ago. I have used it the last two days and this rod is worth every penny you spend. I can't believe how sensitive it is and light. I will be ordering another one very soon.
  • Author: Seth Ellis
    The best rod i have ever used. I have used them all and this one is the real deal. I have boat flipped countless 4 pounders. Maxium sensitivity no matter what you throw!
  • Author: David Rice
    Good product!
    Focus Financial Inc. 900-275 Slater Steet, Ottawa, ON K1P 5H9 (877) 891-3656
  • Author: daniel
    love this rod even though i am way too poor to buy it
  • Author: Scott Grant (
    I use this rod for my chatterbait and was extremely pleased with it's proformance, anyone take take my word, purchase these rods and you won't be disappointed, I own 7 and plan buying more.
  • Author: Phoenix
    Best rod out there! Perfectly balenced and great backbone!!! Micro guides rule!
    Switch to white!!
  • Author: G. Savoy (Louisiana)
    I use my DFMM73MHC rods for jigs, worms and spinnerbaits. I have several other rods that compare in cost however, they can't compare in any other way .. Duckett rods are by far the best rods in my arsenal.
  • Author: Steve Pescitelli
    I bought one of these from Oakwood Baite and tackle last week .I can tell you this i have not been fishing long but i now feel things in my rod i have never felt before you feel everything it is great .I knowwhat my bait is doing and i can tell what the fish are up to also .I love this rod so much i now have 4 of them in 2 weeks .I will not put anything else on my boat .I will be getting a drop shot rod soon and a cranking also .Best product ever thanks guys for the hard work and great product .Wish you had a spot for pictures also .
  • Author: Jett Huddleston (
    Best rod I have ever used! Will for sure buy more in the future!
  • Author: Mark Gideon
    Love this rod great performance with large square bill cranks .
  • Author: john mitchell
    I bought one today already had 3 dfmm73mhc got home it didn't match my others only has 11 guides instead of 12 guess I'm stuck with it not spending money on shipping won't buy any more ducketts
  • Author: Greg Littles Sr
    Having been impressed with the e21's, I decided to make the switch to Duckett rods. Absolutely the best decision I could have made. Awesome in every phase of the game and now with the addition of the Ghost rods. Thanks Duckett for a fantastic product.
  • Author: Brian Bennington
    Best Carolina rig rod ever. After you have this fine fishing rod in your hands you will experience what quality really is and never accept anything less again!
  • Author: Dre
    I have 4 of the micro magic and 3 white ice rods these are great rods, some how with the micro magic PRO that I bought 3 weeks Ago,, i set the hook into some toules and it broke 18inches down from the tip.. Still waiting to receive my new one..the MM PRO feels more sensitive then the original Micro magic, but the rod also feels heavier and has 1 less guide...hope I got the blk sheep of the new MM pro... Still love these rods......
  • Author: Dr Curley Newton
    I have changed to all Duckett rods, once I tried the 6'9' I knew there was no need to go back to my old rods, most sensitive rod I have ever used I now own 8 and will buy a couple more, Thanks
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  • Author: SFSD
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