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7' Medium Heavy Action

7' Medium Heavy Action
Boyd's Suggested Uses
1/2 oz jig, small swim baits, open water spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, heavier worm
Price: $159.00
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  • Author: Gary Fournier
    Absolutely the best rod I have purchased.
    This is NOT a "fad" rod. The craftmanship is well thought out which shows in the ease of use. Thanks B.D.
  • Author: Daniel Medley
    BY FAR the best rod i have had in my hand. very well balanced and super light.
  • Author: CJ Young
    Awesome Rod! Not too light or too heavy on the action. A true MedHvy. Great all day everyday casting rod for throwing 1/4 oz. bullets. Very sensitive and lightweight. Quality rod for a Great Price. Look at the "amount" of reviews on So glad I picked this up. Don't bog it down with a heavy reel and you will have a very comfortable worm rod.
  • Author: Paul Ronin
    This out of every rod in my fishing career has to be the best. It has immaculate construction, amazing throwing accuracy, and insane sensitivity. This is by far my favorite rod. The only thing that could make it better is colour choice. ;)
  • Author: Brian Hilton
    Flat out best rod on the market
  • Author: Austin Martin
    Is this rod good with braid?
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  • Author: Braedon Metzgar
    Really looking at buying this to be my Texas Rig rod but before I buy it I was wanting to know what kind of rod tip it has? Preferring a fast tip so I can reel up the slack fairly quick but also be able to cast a ways and be able to feel everything.
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