Welcome to Duckett Fishing, the home of Micro Magic the finest series of micro guided fishing rods ever made on this planet.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our new website. Our new micro magic rods are the first full line production rods to utilize the latest in micro guide technology. The concept allows for the production of ultra light yet durable rods that are superbly balanced and super sensitive. We believe that micro guide technology and itsí advances over time will, over time change the face and the thinking of the freshwater fishing industry, especially as it relates to bass and other competitively fished freshwater species.

Browse the site to your heartís content. If during your browsing you think of something that will make our site better or that you would like to see as a part of the site, let us know. You never know we might just agree with you. Always remember, your feedback is very important to us.
Boyd Duckett says that the creation of Duckett Fishing was an unusual and exciting journey. The company came about as a labor of love - and almost by accident.
Among many innovative features, most models of Micro Magic rods will have B-Model version which will have full cork grips. For suggested rod applications, click on "Boyd's Suggested Uses" and see what Boyd uses for what.
Duckett fishing touts one of the finest pro staffs of any production rod company on the planet. We will be adding the bio and a photo of each of our staff members to this section each month until we have previewed all of them.